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We welcome all singles that are 50 years and older to join us at any of our events.  Many new friendships have been made, and our group has shared many good times and good fellowship.  You will enjoy our friendly, active and welcoming group!  The group is a blend of single adults from various local churches including, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church, New Hope Presbyterain Church, Faith United Methodist Church, and Faith Presbyterian Church of Cape Coral.


Please email us at with any questions.


The respresentatives at Covenant Presbyterian Church are: Cindy Parker and Shirley Wagenseil.


Statements of the Group:

Mission, Vision, and Core Values




The mission of The Singles Source is to create a network for social and spiritual interaction among those who, either by choice or by circumstance, are unmarried, divorced or widowed.




The vision of The Singles Source is to form an environment in which single adults can find a sense of community and have the security of knowing that being single does not have to mean being alone.


The vision of The Singles Source is also to provide godly social activities through which single adult members can: 

  • connect with each other.
  • reach out to other single adults in our communiy who are in need of a loving and caring church home. 
  • bond in friendships which will result in their ministering to one another's spiritual needs and offering practical assistance to other group members when needed.

Core Value 

  • We believe in the spiritual values and standards of Covenant Presbyterian Church.
  • We believe that Christ is the center of our lives and should also be at the center of our relationships.
  • We believe that singleness is a positive lifestyle choice.
  • We believe that one who chooses to live without a partner, either temporarily or permanently, can be a whole and complete person.
  • We believe that, alothough the Christian's primary accountability is God, a group of believers can strenthen one another's Christian walk by acting as mutual accountability partners.
  • We believe that single parents will benefit from a support network which encourages them to fulfill their God-given responsibility toward their children and provides them with the necessary spiritual resources.
  • We believe that a sense of being connected to and valued within the church will encourage single adults to become more active in the ministry of the church.
  • We believe that single Christian adults who wish to find Godly mates need an environment in which they can meet others.
  • We believe that the body of Christ consists of many members, each having different gifts and talents and different life circumstances, but each equally necessary to the health and function of the whole body.  (Romans 12:4-8)

April 23, 2014



Sunday School at 9 a.m.


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